Miraculous... Is In The Story

Chip Block


Description:As we set the stage for the coming of Christ this advent season, we will embark upon a series entitled, "Miraculous... Is In The Story!"Do you believe in Miracles? Miracles authenticate God's message and His messengers, they reveal the divine nature of God and leads us to worship. So let us all be ready for God's Miracles.


Chip Block


Description:A Special Sunday Service today as Pastor Chip Block talks about TEN taken from text: Proverbs 3:5-6 and Psalm 25: 4-5

RENEW - Worship Movement

Greg Armstrong


Description:We welcome Greg Armstrong and Renew Worship Movement!Let us rejoice and praise the LORD our GOD as we worship!Peace, Love and JOY to everyone in Jesus' mighty name.

Beyond Borders - so all can hear

Mariela Shaker


Description:Mariela Shaker is an accomplished violinist from Syria, who survived the war by receiving a music scholarship in America. Mariela uses her music to build bridges and promote peace. Today we will hear her increadible journey, life story and music.

ACTivate: Holy Spirit Power

Chip Block


Description:As we finish our journey through the book of Acts, Pastor Chip speaks of the Holy Spirit's Power (Acts 19:1-7). Saying yes to the Holy Spirit will take us to a Pilgrimage in knowing that GOD is alive. We are reminded to invite the Holy Spirit in our lives; respond in praise & repentance; receive the Holy Spirit's gifts and let the Holy Spirit do the work in us.


Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip teaches from Acts 16:6-40.

ACTivate - The Power of Agreement

Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip continues with the ACTivate series on "The Power of Agreement" from Acts 15:1-2. As the body of Christ (the Church) comes together, we are reminded of The Power of Agreement; The Process of Agreement; The Place of Agreement and The Prayer of Agreement. In Jesus' name we are Victorious.

Straight Talk

Chip Block


Description:Pasto Chip Block continues the ACTivate series with our sermon entitled "Staright Talk". The text is from Acts 13:4-12.

Antioch: From Here to There

Chip Block


Description:We return to our study in the book of Acts with our sermon entitled: :Antioch: From Here to There", as we look at the impact of the Antioch church. Our text is Acts 11:19-30 and Acts 13:1-3.

The Antioch Church

Jeff Hubing


Description:Dr. Jeff Hubing from Fire Ministry School in Chicago shares a message about the Antioch church from Acts chapter 13.

The Power of Potential

Isaac Ampil


Description:Pastor Isaac Ampil brings us the message from 2 Kings, "The Power of Potential."

The Supernatural Battle

Joshua Edmon


Description:The Supernatural Battle - Ephesians 6:10-20God wants us to engage in supernatural battle, be strong in Him, to put on His whole armor, take the shield of faith and pray in the Spirit that we may all be His Ambassadors.

Seeing Yourself the Way God Sees You

Kelli Schick


Description:Kelli Schick speaks today on "Seeing Yourself the Way God Sees You" and how embracing this concept will change your life.

Carriers of His Presence - Part 2

Chip Block


Description:Summer Sunday's series continues with our exploration of the power of God's presence. We know God is with us. What if we actually lived like we believe that moment by moment, everywhere we went? We are Carriers of God's presence. The Holy Spirit dwells in us and we are all Ambassadors of God.

Go God!

Chip Block


Description:This Summerfest Sunday, we first praise God and recognize that He is already at work and pursuing our hearts. May we respond to His grace and love that knows no end. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Go God!

Carriers of His Presence

Chip Block


Description:As carriers of God's presence, we glorify Christ as those empowered by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

God is with us!

Chip Block


Description:Today's message is from Luke 10:38-42 and emphasizes that God is with us.

Celebrating God's Work in Our World

Chip Block


Description:Celebrating God's work in our world and lives. We come to worship, pray, wait on the Holy Spirit and encounter Jesus. Let us open our hearts to what God wants to do in us and through us by His Spirit.

Summer Sundays

Daniel Katz


Description:Our guest today is Daniel Katz, he will be sharing the story of thier church plant in Long Beach, CA. He and his wife, Autumn, were associate pastors with OBCC for five years. Last summer they were sent to Long Beach to start a new church. Get ready to hear all that God has been doing!

Truly Listen

Chip Block


Description:Looking at the text in James chapter 1, Pastor Chip shares a message encouraging the church to hear one another's hearts. Listen closely.

Appreciating Differences

Chip Block


Description:We continue our series "#Relationship Goals" with a message from Galatians 3:26-29.

Give Honor

Chip Block


Description:As we continue our series on Relationship Goals: Pastor Chip focuses on Goal #4, To Give Honor (I Samuel 26: 5-12). Giving honor reveals your heart, aligns your life and produces supernatural return.

Telling the Truth

Benji Block


Description:It's great to have Benji Block bring us the word today, with his sermon entitled: "Goal #3 - Truth Telling."

Living Unoffendable

Chip Block


Description:This week, Pastor Chip shares a message about what it means to live "Unoffendable." Looking at Christ's life can we see this exemplified in its truest sense.

The Heart to Know

Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip begins our new sermon series with Goal #1 - Cultivating the Heart to Know. Text: Ruth 1-4

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit - Earnestly

Chip Block


Description:Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit - Earnestly (Acts 12: 1-24)As we continue on the ACTivate series, we look into Peter's miraculous escape from prison. How the power of praying together and earnestly is important and effective. By receiving the power of the Holy Spirit we are used by GOD as His witnesses.

Less is More

Todd Lucas


Description:Pastor Todd Lucas, from Chi Alpha Ministries, shares from 2 Chronicles about the story of Amaziah. Less is More when God is in control!

John 17 Message

Adam Formby


Description:The IHOP Prayer Team will lead this night of worship, prayer, teaching and prophetic ministry. Come ready to hear what the Lord has for us.

The Resurrected Life - Easter Sunday

Chip Block


Description:He is risen! Through Jesus, we have the gift of salvation and the hope of eternal life. Listen as Pastor Chip leads us in The Resurrected Life message series.

Miracles Never Cease

Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip continues our series by teaching from Acts 10:1-48.

Radical Conversions

Nick Gellis Testimony


Description:Hear Nick Gellis share his personal testimony of conversion.

Radical Conversions

Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip continues the ACTivate series with the focus on Radical Conversions! Looking at the book of Acts in chapter 9, we see how God uses people to accomplish His purposes. This is includes US!

Search and Rescue

Darrell Pack


Description:Pastor Darrell Pack teaches about the topic of "Search and Rescue," while looking at the chapters in Acts.


Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip continues our journey through the book of Acts in Acts 6:7.

Leading Forward

Chip Block


Description:This week, in continuing with our journey through the book of Acts with todays sermon entitled: "Leading Forward" from Acts 6:1-7.

Prison Break

Isaac Ampil


Description:This week, in continuing with our journey through the book of Acts, we will see the persecution the apostles endured in chapter 5. As modern day Christians, when we go through struggles that challenge our faith, do we obey what men have to say or do we obey what God says?

ACTivate Living in the Power of the Spirit

Chip Block


Description:Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer. Pasto Chip will teach from Acts 4:32 - 5:16 his sermon entitled: "Revival Fire!"

In The Name of JESUS

Chip Block


Description:Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit. As we journey through the book of Acts, Pastor Chip continues his message on Acts 3:1-4:31 entitled "In the Name of JESUS". God reveals to us that there is Healing, A Message, An Invitation, A Defense, A Declaration and Prayer... ALL in the Name of JESUS!

The Gathering

Isaac Ampil


Description:Wednesday Night Prayer and Worship

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Jeff Hubing


Description:Jeff Hubing will teach from Acts 2:40-47 his sermon, "Spirit-filled Community." The outpouring of God's Spirit on all flesh does not only generate personal piety, when God's presence is released on people. He'll draw them into genuine community & empower them to live as family on mission.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit - Part 1

Jeff Hubing


Description:Pastor Jeff Hubing delivers a message from Acts chapter 2, detailing the prophecies that were foretold in the book of Joel while describing the things that transpired when the Holy Spirit fell upon those in Jerusalem.

Living in the Power of the Spirit

Chip Block


Description:Pastor Chip teaches from Acts 1:1-5, 12-14.

Living in the Power of the Spirit

Chip Block


Description:Looking at Acts chapter 1, we will look at the declaration of the power of living in the Spirit!

A Christmas Message

Chip Block


Description:At Christmas we should always remember the humility of Jesus Christ, who left all eternal glory and humbled himself in becoming a man, Emmanuel, "God with us." Listen as Pastor Chip shares this special Christmas message!

When Joy Comes

IJ Ampil


Description:IJ teaches from Luke 2:8-15. Angels announcing the birth of Jesus..."When Joy Comes."1. Joy is Never about our circumstances and Always about Christ!2. Joy should characterize our service and worship!3. Joy has come!Let us, like the shepherds, go with haste and share the True Joy that only Jesus brings!

God Gave His Song

Chip Block


Description:This morning we continue "The Songs of Christmas" series as we look at Zechariah's Song in Luke 1:57-79. What can we learn from Zechariah's Prophetic Song? How did God speak and reveal Himself that first Christmas? How does he do that in our lives today? We have a song to sing!